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Olivia Lane


Clark Hill. It’s a name. It’s a tradition. It’s a way of life.

Somewhere in North Florida sits 20 acres known as “The Hill”. Singer/songwriter Clark Hill was raised on that land, surrounded by family and friends. He was taught to value faith, family and a belief in small town America. Though trials and tribulations life has thrown at him tried to derail him, it’s been his connection to those values that have carried him through and given him the strength to survive.

Growing up on southern rock greats (and north Florida natives) Lynyrd Skynyrd, Clark was heavily influenced by strong guitar leads but also holds his country music roots deep. He still believes that music should have a purpose – it should tell a story, have substance, show a truth in reality. He has taken his southern rock roots and melded them with the traditions of country music he believes in. He’s created his own sound of “country with a twist”.

His beliefs are solidified with his debut EP Those Were The Days. Working with producer Michael Rogers (Jimmy Fortune), the team has created a six‐song EP that reflects where Clark is in his personal and professional life. Three songs are written by top Nashville songwriters, including one by producer Rogers, along with co‐writers Jimmy Fortune and Craig Morgan, “I Don’t Know How To Love You Anymore”. As proof of Clark’s songwriting abilities, three songs are self‐penned, reflecting his love for family and community, including fan favorite “Those Were The Days”. In each song that he writes or each song that he hears, he is looking for the meaning of the lyrics and the heart of the melody. “If there isn’t a root of family or a strong message in a song I hear, it doesn’t stick with me. I want my music to stick with the souls of the listeners.”

Small town roots don’t stop the big dreams. They ignite them. Clark strives on chasing what some may say is impossible. “No one can tell me I can’t do something. That makes me want to do it more, show them that yes, I can. It may take a little while or it may take a few extra steps, but I will get it done.”

Clark Hill is also one of the recent singer/songwriters to follow the reality TV approach. Working with TV producer Michael Dinco (Pit Bulls & Parolees), cameras are following the debut of Clark Hill and every move he makes. His family, friends, and beloved hometown will all share their time in the spotlight with him, something that he takes pride in.

Tour buses, TV cameras, bright lights and big crowds haven’t changed Hill and it’s obvious that he will keep it that way. Following a reflective path, where the music meets the soul, Hill wants each fan to share this experience with him. Once you leave a Clark Hill show you are not a fan… you are FAMILY.


January - 14 - 19, 2017