What's Included in Your Cruise


As a Group Leader, you have the opportunity to earn credits or cash against the price of your cabin by building the number of booked passengers in your group.

Please FILL OUT THIS FORM  if you are interested in becoming a Group Leader. Any client that you have on your list, should they book, will be added to your Group.


Once you have spoken with a potential client and they are ready to book, have them call Country Cruising and we will process their reservation. Please ask them to identify themselves as a member of your Group. Even if they do not, if they are on your list before they call us, you will be given the credit for their booking.

What is required of you to become a Group Leader? You qualify only after you have purchased your own cabin.

Passengers in your Group must purchase a cabin to be in your Group. Once that passenger has booked and fulfilled all of the requirments of purchase, they then will be included in the total cabin count of the Group Leader.

For each cabin booked you will earn-
Interior $100 per cabin
Oceanview $150 per cabin
Balcony $200 per cabin
Suites and above $250 per cabin

The group leader's cabin does not count towards compensation.

Definition of a Group Leader- An individual or entity that organizes and assembles a group of individuals who wish to register and reserve staterooms on a cruise ship as a “group” for any reason and is compensated accordingly.

Passenger List
The Group Leader must submit the list of name and addresses of prospective passengers prior to solicitation. Once a prospective passenger is part of a group, he/she cannot then change groups nor may another group leader claim that prospective passenger. A member of a group may start his/her own group and submit a list of new prospecitve passengers at anytime. To ensure that Group Leaders are properly rewarded for their efforts, if a name has been cleared on the Group Leader’s list and appears on the manifest of the cruise, the Group Leader will be credited accordingly. Failure of the passenger to complete his purchase disqualifies that passenger from inclusion in a Group.



January - 14 - 19, 2017