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Lucy Angel


Beautiful Maggie Baugh is a young, South Florida based county music sensation!  At 14 years old, she is a Nashville Recording artist, singer/songwriter, guitar player and dynamic fiddle player.   
Maggie Baugh has played fiddle onstage with Neal McCoy and Charlie Daniels Band.  (Yes, she is the one that played Devil Went Down to Georgia with Charlie Daniels).  

Playing guitar and singing, Maggie Baugh has opened in South Florida for Cole Swindell, Montgomery Gentry, John Anderson, and Cowboy Troy. 

On her first cruise, Maggie Baugh came aboard the the second annual Country Cruising (Jan 2014) as a passenger, with fiddle in hand!   She was able to play for Neal McCoy and Tracy Michaels  (co-owner of the Flying Dutchmen Travel Agency).  Neal McCoy invited Maggie on stage and Tracy invited Maggie to play on board as an artist.  Young Miss Maggie Baugh was the talk of the ship!  Join Maggie Baugh again in 2017 on the best country cruise:  Country Cruising!    Catch Maggie with her fiddle or guitar, and ask for a private song!



January - 14 - 19, 2017